Bomb alert round-up

Part of Prague had to be evacuated today following a bomb alert. Annies Joy reports from the scene.


An ode to alchemy, a medieval ancient art with roots in Prague

Aleksandra Brzezicka hunted out the hidden and not-so-hidden places in Prague that pay homage to the medieval mysteries shrouded in the science of alchemy. Read her fascinating report.


The Prague Spring – not forgotten

Last week marked the 50th anniversary of the day in 1968 that the Soviet Union sent the tanks in to crush the Prague Spring. Pamela Lyon investigates.


History time: a visit to Terezin

Annies Joy writes about her sobering visit to the former Nazi concentration camp at Terezin, where thousands of Jews were held prisoner before being transported across Europe to the notorious deathcamps.

The administration offices leading to the first courtyard

VIDEO: the great cycling debate in Prague

With a controversy going backwards and forwards about whether bicycles should be allowed into the historic heart of the city, Jacob Moseley took to two wheels for his video report.


VIDEO: a watery view of the sights

Jacob Moseley took to a pedalo to get a river-based view of the sights. Watch his video here.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 19.21.10

Sports break: there’s plenty to visit on the sporting front

Ryan Blacklaws wasn’t able to get to a top level football match, as hoped, due to the way fixtures fell, but that didn’t stop him paying a visit to one of the top city venues, the home of Sparta Prague.


BOMB ALERT: Police update

Police have issued another statement. It doesn’t sound as if the shopping centre will reopen soon.

Translation: ‘The police are still looking at the building. Due to the scope of the tour, we do not foresee its termination shortly.’

Mmmm! This post will tickle your tastebuds

Chimney cakeAs you wander the streets of Prague, the unmistakable sweet smell of the traditional Czech ‘chimney cakes’ will hit your nostrils. Jessica Varia and Pamela Lyon took time out to sample the Trdelnik – their video report will make your mouth water.







Back to art: another trip to one of Prague’s centres of culture

In part two of her reviews of art venues in the city, Aleksandra Brzezicka found inspiration from a lesser known artist, among works by the Old Masters at the Sternberg Palace.


The Lennon Wall: a Mecca for tourists visiting the city

Nakisha Cazley was fascinated by the city wall covered in graffiti and inspired by murdered Beatle John Lennon’s calls for world peace and freedom. Watch her video report.


Cosmetics discovery

Pamela Lyon tracked down some hard-to-find-back-home cosmetics at shops in Prague, including Sephora, Rossman and Douglas.


Phew, that was a bit exciting! More updates on the bomb scare to come but meanwhile back to other posts from our roving reporters.


UPDATE from Prague Police

TRANSLATION: ‘The officers of the municipal police Prague are currently assist in the evacuation of the Nový Smíchov Shopping centre in Prague 5.

UPDATE: Photos from the scene.



UPDATE: Interview with evacuated shop workers.

Annies Joy interviewed Michaela Duskova, 21, who works at Marionnaud in the Novy Smichov Shopping centre in Prague, which was evacuated this afternoon, after a bomb scare. Police cordoned off the area.

She said: “while she was working, she and the other workers were asked to leave the shopping centre immediately.” They have now been waiting for two hours and have been told they can’t go home until they get a call from their boss. They think it may still be two-three hours till they are able to go back.

UPDATE: video report from bomb scare scene

UPDATE: live report from bomb scare scene

Annies Joy reports from behind the Police cordons   at the scene.

BREAKING NEWS: Bomb threat in Prague shopping mall

Our roving reporters have just found out a shopping centre in Prague has been evacuated due to a bomb scare…more to follow


A shopping centre in the heart of Prague was evacuated this afternoon after a bomb alert.

The Novy Smichov shopping mall was evacuated and sealed off by police, according to the facebook site

A Hindu temple? In a zoo?


A trip to the zoo is always exciting, with plenty of strange and fascinating creatures to see. But Jessica Varia found something she wasn’t expecting, a Hindu temple in the middle of the elephant enclosure. She found out why.

Nine recommended places to get beer in Prague

If anyone’s ever tested out every beer outlet in Prague, fair play to them, but here are nine recommended by Perry Johnson.

VIDEO: Podebrady from another viewpoint

KIKD5174Here’s Ryan Blacklaws’ video report from the day out to the spa town of Podebrady.

VIDEO: a trip to the castle at Podebrady

Annies Joy was sent on an hour’s train journey from Prague to research an article for the iForum internship about Charles University’s Czech language courses which are based in Podebrady Castle.


Not wanting to miss out on a sightseeing opportunity, several others from the internship group tagged along. Watch Annies’ video report of the day out to Podebrady.

Take an artistic journey through this city of culture


Aleksandra Brzezicka set herself a mission – to sample a view of the wonderful array of art on displays at galleries across the city. Here’s part 1 of her tour. which takes in Dali, Mucha and Warhol.

A Prague take on…a visit to McDonald’s!

Despite the wealth of food on offer in Prague, Pamela Lyon couldn’t keep away from McDonald’s…find out what she discovered was a little different to the chain’s normal offerings.

WATCH: Kisha Cazley’s vlogs about her time in Prague

Journalism and Media student Kisha Cazley has been posting vlogs almost daily during her internship at Charles University. Catch up with them on her YouTube channel.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 12.23.09

Good morning Prague


Welcome to a live blog being produced today by Journalism students from De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) who are on an internship working in the magnificent city of Prague.

The eight first and second year students will be publishing a range of reports, features and vlogs today (Monday, August 27) from the heart of Prague in the Czech Republic.

They are in the capital of Bohemia to complete an internship at the prestigious Charles University in Prague, writing for its English language iForum website.

The mix of single and joint honours Journalism students are with DMU tutor Brian Dodds in Prague for ten days.

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