9 brilliant places to booze in Prague

By Perry Johnson

1. Letnà Zahradní Restaurace – Letenské sady
IMG_0522The Letnà Garden Restaurant is situated in the middle of a large, open, park overlooking the city south of the Vltava River. A massive terrace offers hundreds of seats filled with local residents and tourists enjoying the lively atmosphere. If you’re looking for somewhere outside of the main square to sit down and enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the Castle and the city then coming to this garden during the evening is a must.

2. Klaster Monastery Beer Garden – Prague 1
A quiet little beer garden tucked away in the grounds of the Klaster Monastery offers a nice respite to locals. Nestled in a small nook between ancient walls, it feels like the perfect getaway to enjoy a cold afternoon beer and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Located near the Strahov area of Prague, it is a fair bit away from the main district but is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.

3.IMG_0615 (1) Petřinské Terasy – Petřínské sady 393
Petřinské Terasy is a pair of terraces situated on the top of a hill adjoining the Klaster Monastery grounds. Boasting of their panoramic views the pair of small huts include a more upmarket sit-in restaurant as well as a bar that sells cheap hot food. Whilst the views from the trees aren’t as good as the Letnà Zahradní Restaurace, it is still worth a look in.

4. Krčma U Pavouka – Celetná 595/17
An old, medieval-style pub with an authentic atmosphere in the main candle-lit restaurant. The outside beer garden is in a nice decked courtyard with great food and service tucked away and is easy to miss on a main street in the city centre.

5. Restaurace U Provaznice – Provaznická 385/3
For a traditional Czech experience, this quaint little pub offers local food and beers within its historic walls. Service accommodates several different languages in this supposedly haunted pub and the menus come with a little origin story to let you know exactly what ghost still roams its halls.

6. The PUB Praha 1 – Veleslavínova 3
For a more British experience from those missing home, the PUB has a lively and rowdy atmosphere filled with young tourists on most nights. The sports and games bar televises various athletics events and even comes with a number of pour-your-own-pint tables in the back to go along with the drinking games they hold in there. Ideal for groups looking to have a great time together.

7. Výtopna Railway Restaurant – Palladium nám. Republiky 1
For a quirky drinking experience, it’s worth checking out the Výtopna Railway Restaurant on the top floor of a large shopping complex called the Palladium. Whilst more of an eatery than a bar, those ordering a beer will have it served right to them at their table by a model train pulling pints along in its back carriage.

f099a8bd-0107-4afc-9cbd-fe8ce3da4c4c8. Riegrovy sady – Praha 2
For a drink at sunset, it’s worth checking out the Riegrovy sady beer garden. Located on top of a large hill and with a number of craft beer stations and food vendors, large numbers of people gather at this spot to view the sunset. With a great view and a lively atmosphere, it would be easy to spend the entire evening here.

9. Ungelt Jazz and Blues Club – Týn 640/2
The Ungelt Jazz and Blues Club is a great place to go for anyone looking for some live music. Whilst you have to pay extra to go down to the basement, you can still appreciate the music for free from upstairs. With bands playing at events almost every night, it is an ideal change of pace from most places to drink in the city.

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