Leicester Riders’ third straight league title hopes to inspire generation of basketball players

Leicester Riders’ will be presented with their third consecutive league title and hope to inspire a new generation of basketball players

Varsity rugby postponed after pitch issues

The Varsity rugby match between De Montfort University and the University of Leicester has been postponed due to problems with the pitch at Welford Road.

De Montfort University’s Varsity 2018: How is the lacrosse captain feeling in the run up to the final match

De Montfort University’s women’s lacrosse team have been busily completing their final preparations for their Varsity tournament against the University of Leicester.

Varsity delay won’t hold back men’s first team

The annual Varsity rugby first team match has been postponed due to ground conditions but the De Montfort University men’s side is determined that won’t hold them back.

DMUFC head into Varsity as League Champions

A 4-0 win over Derby 3rd XI secured the Midlands 4B league title for De Montfort University 1st XI.