VIDEO: Another take on a day in the spa town of Poděbrady

By Ryan Blacklaws


Poděbrady is a historical spa town lying 31 miles east of Prague. The town has a tranquil feel to it, and the pace of life there is leisurely and undisturbed. Poděbrady is also notable for specialising in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, with people travelling from all over to receive therapy there.

There are several taps across the town which provide Poděbrady’s well-known carbonic mineral water, which has a natural slightly sparkling taste to it and quite a pungent scent. None of our group were too keen on it, but it’s supposedly good for you!

If spas are not your thing, there are plenty of other activities available. Several students went on a boat trip along the river Elbe, which provided picturesque views and was an idyllic experience.

Poděbrady Castle is also well worth a visit, and has a quaint museum dedicated to the town’s history. It particularly focusses on George of Poděbrady, the former King of Bohemia.

Poděbrady also has several lakes in beautifully secluded spots. The water was too cold to swim in, but one of our group managed to go for a paddle.

There are many restaurants and cafes in the town, which offer delicious Czech cuisine at a fraction of Prague’s tourist prices. The students who went to Poděbrady enjoyed traditional Czech food at dinner, and then a fantastic Italian meal in the evening.


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