Historic castle setting for students learning Czech language

Overlooking the spectacular Elbe River sits the magnificent Poděbrady Castle, owned by Charles University’s Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies, and home for students studying the one-year Czech language course

Don’t look further and move to Kolej Komenského to discover hidden gems of Prague

For many young people visiting from abroad to study at Charles University in Prague, their adventure starts with moving into the university’s hall of residence, Kolej Komenského.

Trying my luck with finding hidden doors and archways in Prague

Prague is full of hidden gems, opening a door or going through an archway might just take you by surprise.

Prague shopping mall evacuated after bomb scare

A shopping mall in Prague was evacuated after a bomb scare with DMU students at the scene covering the events as they unfolded.

On the hunt for the Philosopher’s Stone – Alchemy in Prague

The Elixir of Immortality. The Philosopher’s Stone. Symbols of the elements. If you’ve ever heard of any of those, you’ve got a basic idea of what Alchemy is.