By Pamela Lyon


Sephora, Rossman, Douglas. Prague offers a variety of different shops for cosmetics, and a large collection of brands not directly available in the UK.

The drugstore, Rossman, holds brands, such as Dermacol, which created one of the first foundations, and are still available today. Dermacol can only be found in Prague, or UK buyers can instead turn to selling sites such as eBay, but they are not the most reliable.

The legendary foundation is said to have the most coverage and is a must in all makeup bags, and can be bought in the city is for a small fee of 200czk (about £6).

Prague is also home to numerous Sephoras, a cosmetics store that is available seemingly everywhere but not the UK. Sephora sells a variety of different brands itself, varying from Tarte cosmetics to Becca and its own Sephora collection. What more could you want?

Douglas is another must when having a makeup shopping spree in Prague. Similar to Sephora, Douglas stocks a range of different brands as well as its own.

The cosmetics shop, while not being all that known in the UK, is quite notable and has an amazing range, with duo bronzers that are to die for.

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