Video: DMU third years give advice to newcomers

By Kira Gibson

The class of 2022 graduates have been busy getting ready for their various end dates and graduation ceremonies. 

Abigail Beresford, 21, is graduating with a 2:1 degree after completing the journalism single honours course at De Montfort University (DMU).

Her advice to newcomers is to have fun, but put yourself out there to make some friends and connections.

She says: “I’d say you have to put yourself out there, which can be tough. It’s really tough to put yourself out there. 

“Definitely try and join societies, it’s something I really look back on and wish that I did. 

“Ultimately, just try and make sure that you have fun.”

Abbie now has a job in marketing, which her course at DMU helped her achieve by improving her writing skills and making press releases or such articles easier to create. 

Shantelle Gondo, 22, also graduated with a 2:1 degree in journalism, and now works in a customer service role whilst she builds up experience to eventually get a role in journalism.

Her advice to new students is to treat the time at university as a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. 

“Treat this opportunity that you’re getting as a once in a lifetime opportunity just because some people elsewhere wish to be in your shoes but they can’t. Also, work as hard as you can,” Shantelle says. 

Shantelle and Abigail have their graduation on August 27 and have family and friends coming to celebrate their achievements along with them. 

Fiora Flinton, Abigail Beresford and Shantelle Gondo give advice to newcomers to university

VIDEO: Leicester commuters feel force of railway strikes

By Luke Williamson

Leicester rail users have been left facing delays or were forced into travelling a day earlier due to the railway strikes affecting the entire country.

The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) is protesting against a proposed three per cent pay rise, instead hoping for a seven per cent increase on salaries, which is more in line with inflation.

Its members are also hoping for an improvement in the working conditions as well as improved job security from National Rail.

It is the biggest rail strike in 30 years after more than 40,000 walked out on Tuesday [JUN21] and Thursday [JUN23] while action yesterday [SAT,JUN25] was hoped to be avoided but went ahead across the country once again.

Luke Williamson headed down to Leicester train station to talk to commuters about their thoughts on the situation and how they have been affected in the past week.

Statistics gathered from IPSOS.

Video: Anticipation builds for Demon Media’s annual charity livestream

By Thomas Carter

Preparations are underway as members of De Montfort University student group Demon Media announce the return of their annual ‘raise and give’ (RAG) charity show.

Taking place live from the university Students’ Union on Saturday 4th June, the event will see students from all three strands of the society (Demon FM, Demon TV, The Demon Magazine) come together to entertain audiences for more than ten hours, with the aim of raising money for local and national causes.

This year, the group has chosen to fundraise for Leicestershire-based charity Alex’s Wish, which helps those suffering with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and nation-wide mental health organisation Mind.

Earlier this week, Demon Media chairperson Tom Jackson and Demon TV station manager Calum Travers sat down with Leicestershire Press to discuss the upcoming RAG event.

Model railway opens for first time since Covid

By Alice Wright

A model railway at a charity in Markfield has opened its doors for the first time since Covid. Shuttlewood Clarke Foundation holds an impressive model railway at Ulverscroft Grange which is run by volunteers.

The railway was moved to its current site in 1989, after originally being built in a factory in Mountsorrel in 1977, which was owned by the charity’s founder, David Clarke.

Volunteer for 20 years, Bob Lee said: “I was just gobsmacked by it and the size of it, the technical side, I was hooked, and I’ve been coming ever since.”

During the move to The Grange, the railway was extended to 38ft in length including new junctions. It also took ten years to build the layout and to operate it again. The railway also includes a fully working 210 lever signal box.

Model railway in action

Volunteer and ex-BT engineer, Stephen Freer said: “It keeps your brain ticking over because there’s always something to think about.

“A year or two back now we were a bit short of signallers and you realise there’s an awful lot about railways that you don’t know.

“During Covid I missed it, but you find something else to do. I’ve got a model train set myself, I also repair for a model shop, so I’ve been busy.”

The model railway is currently open on Fridays 11am-3pm at Ulverscroft Grange in Markfield.

Climate protestors in Leicester city centre demand action against global warming

By Jayden Whitworth

Chants: A group of people pictured protesting for strikes against global warming

People gathered in numbers in Leicester city centre in protest against the lack of climate action on Friday (FEB 11), amidst an ongoing battle against global warming.

Climate Strike Leicester organised the event which included special guest speakers and music, alongside the traditional march through Leicester city centre.

The group, who were celebrating their three-year anniversary, started the protest at the clock tower, before marching down towards Jubilee Square.

The team is largely made up of children under the age of 18.

At Jubilee Square, Climate Strike Leicester had invited guest speakers from Climate Action Leicester and Leicester Green Party to speak, plus there was music from Extinction Rebellion.

Catch what Heidi (left in video) and Tyler (right in video) had to say about the protest.

Tyler Grant-Hooley, 16, co-ordinator at Climate Strike Leicester, said: “The focus of climate action should really be put on governments and big corporations and not on individuals.

“We are asking the Government to put money and put resources into finding these solutions and find a fair climate plan that will benefit everyone in society.”

The protest started in the wake of COP26 at the back end of last year with growing calls for climate action across the UK.

At the end of COP26 – the Glasgow climate pact – saw leaders pledge to keep pursuing efforts to limit global temperature rise to 1.5C per year.

After tense negotiations, the countries ultimately agreed on moving away from fossil fuels and to phase-down the use of coal power.

Mags Lewis, secretary of Leicester Green Party, said: “These events are crucial, they bring us together and show us the importance of solidarity.

“The COP26 outcome was heartening in some ways, you’ve got to have hope, but I think there was a lack of tangible action.

“I agree with Greta Thunberg, the temperature is still rising.

“Whatever we are doing, is still not enough.”

Statistics show the gross emissions, sourced from the Leicester City Council website

Leicester City Council is committed to reducing carbon emissions in and around the city and has set the target of reaching net zero by 2030/2031.

Deputy City Mayor Cllr Adam Clarke, who leads on environment and transportation, said: “We are under no illusion about the huge task that we face as a city to become carbon neutral by 2030, or sooner.

“The launch of the first Leicester Climate Emergency Strategy in 2020 signalled a shift in our ambitions and we have since made massive investment in a range of new and ambitious programmes and projects to further reduce the city’s carbon footprint and help Leicester achieve its goal of being carbon neutral by 2030.”

Last year, Leicester City Council was successful in its bid to receive more than £24 million in funding to improve energy efficiency and cut the city’s carbon footprint.

Cllr Clarke said: “It is an ambitious programme of investment that will help us dramatically cut carbon emissions from our buildings and save hundreds of thousands of pounds in energy costs – something that is very welcome in these challenging times.”

To find out more about the Climate Strike Leicester, visit their facebook page at: