Inspiring entrepreneurs turn hobbies into small lockdown businesses

Hobbies are being launched into thriving small businesses by enterprising people whose main jobs have been hit by the Covid pandemic.

Learning the lessons of the horrors of confinement

If there is anything that can be learned from the past year it’s that confinement is definitely a hindrance to freedom, writes Amanda Kamuene.

Students make difficult decision to stay in the UK for second lockdown

International students are having to contemplate whether to stay or go home with Boris Johnson’s decision of another lockdown for the UK.

Lockdown’s ‘no flights home’ adds extra uncertainty for Kenyan student in Leicester

The uncertainty of having ‘no flights home’ has added an extra layer of stress for a Kenyan student struggling with Covid restrictions in Leicester.

Police warn motorists to be vigilant after rise in catalytic converter thefts

Drivers are unwittingly polluting their towns and cities – as police revealed thieves have been stealing catalytic converters from motor cars.