Art AI Festival returns to Leicester

The award-winning online Art AI Festival which showcases imaginative artificial intelligence works of art will return to Leicester this year.

It will be a Good Friday for Leicester as Leicester Comedy Festival launches event

Leicester Comedy Festival is set to celebrate Leicestershire talent through virtual showcase ‘Leicester’s Good Friday’ to raise money for the live entertainment scene in Leicester.

Painting the city in colour – ‘Bring the Paint’ festival to come to Leicester

The award-winning international graffiti festival Bring the Paint has announced that it is taking place in Leicester between 23rd-29th August 2021, with the support of Leicester City Council.

Review: Deranged twists of ‘Behind Her Eyes’ create a hit series

Bintou Secka reviews Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes, a series which has become the talk of the town.

DMU practical students fear being forgotten during lockdown

De Montfort University students studying practical courses fear their degrees will be rendered worthless after lockdown has stopped them from completing their work.