How visiting the depths of despair in India changed Tim Ince’s life forever

If you think you’ve seen poverty strewn across the streets of England, Tim Ince tells Matthew Chandler a whole different story about his ventures to South Asia.

DMU Fashion student seeks to take Leicester to Thailand

A Fashion Buying student at De Montfort University who as a child helped on projects with orphans in Thailand is urging others to gain their own global experiences.

One man’s inflammatory stand against an evil regime

In January 1969, a student at Charles University in Prague died after setting himself on fire outside the national museum as a protest against the conclusion of what has become known as the Prague Spring.

The terrors of Terezin

Despite its seemingly picturesque scenery a dark past of one of the great atrocities of the Nazi regime remains at Terezin.

Prague is cheap – if you know where to look

Within a few hours of wandering around Prague you will be almost shocked to find how low most of the prices are for food and drink.