Seeing Charles Bridge…from the water

Whilst visiting Prague I found there are a variety of different transportation methods for seeing the sites, but have you ever thought of a pedalo?

With Prague sitting mostly on one side of the Vltava river that stretches down the south of the city, there are a few boat hire stops within a reasonable price range.

To hire a pedalo from right under the Charles Bridge it cost 300czk (£10) for an hour which could seat up to 4 passengers, it also had plenty of room for baggage so me and a friend decided to take some beers.

This way of seeing the city is eco-friendly instead of taking the tram or metro, and can give you a different perspective on what both Charles Bridge and the city looks like.

There was however a fair bit of traffic on the water, similar to the roads, which caused a slight disturbance and I imagine it sometimes becomes difficult for the drivers of the larger boats.

I’d recommend it to anyone visiting the city though, due to you being able to see all of Charles Bridge, Prague Castle alongside many other landmarks, sculptures and restaurants.

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