Trying my luck with finding hidden doors and archways in Prague

Prague is full of hidden gems, opening a door or going through an archway might just take you by surprise.

Prague shopping mall evacuated after bomb scare

A shopping mall in Prague was evacuated after a bomb scare with DMU students at the scene covering the events as they unfolded.

An eerie day out at Terezín Concentration Camp in Prague

Annies Joy experienced a very moving visit to the town of Terezín, once a Nazi concentration camp used during World War II for the transportation of Jewish prisoners.

Video: the delights of the town of Poděbrady

Watch a video report about a visit to the delightful town of Podebrady.

LIVE BLOG: #onedayinprague 2018

A bomb scare and the evacuation of a shopping mall are among a string of events and places reported on in today’s live blog from Prague.