New app helps Leicestershire Police at scene of crime

Leicestershire Police are collaborating with mobile phone company Motorola who have developed an app for frontline officers, called Pronto.

Head of DMU security reassures students and urges them not spread unconfirmed rumours on social media

The head of security at De Montfort University (DMU) believes “social media rumours” are adding to the anxiety amongst students, following the recent Bede Park attacks.

The balancing act between sports and university work as the new academic year comes round

Success for De Montfort University lacrosse players comes with a price to pay as the struggle to balance hours of training with studying for a degree increases.

Trying my luck with finding hidden doors and archways in Prague

Prague is full of hidden gems, opening a door or going through an archway might just take you by surprise.

Prague shopping mall evacuated after bomb scare

A shopping mall in Prague was evacuated after a bomb scare with DMU students at the scene covering the events as they unfolded.