There’s something different about McDonald’s in Prague

By Pamela Lyon

Unlike McDonald’s by Firebug or the clock tower back in Leicester, Prague offers a more upmarket setting for the fast food chain.

The capital of Czechia provides garden restaurants where the public can enjoy a refreshing beer or glass of wine while also filling up with a Big Mac.

At McDonald’s in the Central European country, a large meal comes as a ‘regular’ and is also a lot cheaper to what we experience in the UK – it is possible to enjoy a meal for less than £3 (100czk).

When arriving at the restaurant before 11am, it was a pleasure to see that there were healthier options being offered, ranging from a blueberry mcflurry to real salad on the breakfast bagels, or scrambled eggs on the breakfast menus.

They also gave a choice of hash browns or fries when ordering meals, making it suitable for everyone.


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