Take a trip to the fascination that is the John Lennon Wall


By Nakisha Cazley

A group of us visited the John Lennon Wall here in Prague. The famous wall is one of Prague’s most famous tourist attractions.

The John Lennon Wall was established in 1980, after the former Beatle’s murder, first as an inspiration for protest graffiti from disgruntled Czechs. At various times, the communist state police tried whitewashing the wall again and again to clampdown on the protest – but the messages of freedom and defiance returned.

As the years moved on, tourists from across the world added their messages of  support to the suppressed Czechs and to the issues and messages for peace promoted by Lennon.

At first sight, it may seem the wall is just a wall of graffiti. However, look a bit closer and you can still signs of its rich history and inspiring quotes showing why it holds more than just graffiti.

If you look hard enough you can see images of John Lennon and a yellow submarine.

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