Leicester Market offer fruit and vegetables to those who need it

Traders at Leicester Market are offering tokens worth £3.10 to buy milk, formula milk, fresh fruit or vegetables.

Has Instagram changed the way we eat?

More than 130,000 pictures of food are shared on Instagram every day in the UK – has social media changed the way we eat?

Live blog: Windrush scandal update

“I just think its very shameful. We all came here with British passports and now they’re telling us to go back home. I can’t see what sense that makes.” said Iona Benjamin, who came to the UK after the Windrush.

Michelin restaurant dining in Hong Kong – for less than £10

Leicestershire Press travel writer Adrianna Zawadzka discovers how you can eat at a Hong Kong Michelin-starred restaurant for just £10.

Live Blog April 11: Lovebird falcons under surveillance

What’s going on? A pair of nesting birds are the centre of attention at Leicester Cathedral.