5.30 And here’s one that’ll catch the eye…

The Sex Machines Museum caught the attention of three young Journalism students. Take a peek at what they learnt.


4.50 Remarkable tale of Czech heroism

Ollie Heppenstall finds out more about the legend of a trans-Siberian trek littered with stories of captured generals and royal gold.


4.30 It’s well hidden but worth finding

There’s a secret pub in Prague, one that thousands of tourists stroll past without knowing it’s there. Trust Olly Sullivan to track it down.


4.15 A pub landlady strangled by her husband

The haunted pub that’s worth a visit, especially if you’re suffering from the travails of love. Harry Rogers investigates.

rope makers wife

2.52 I’ve not had time for lunch yet so here’s a glut of stories to keep you going while I get some!


2.52 Market fever

You could spend hours wandering around Prague’s varied markets. Alice Warner gives you a sample of what’s on offer.

2.52 Mmmmm! You can’t beat a Trdelnik

Sophie Sandberg’s video will leave your mouth watering for these fabulous Czech treats, the Trdelnik.


2.52 Jamie Vardy’s become a doll

The tourist souvenirs of Russian dolls have added a footballing twist, as Harry Rogers discovered.


2.52 Old cities aren’t so disabled-friendly

If you’re disabled, getting around Prague can have its problems. Chloe Hewitt offers her views from first hand experience.


2.36 Eating your way through Prague – delicious!

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out in the city. Here are some tips from Matthew Earth.


2.30 Just inside the Old Town Square – Some strings accompanied by tap dancing

2.15 Communist-era transport that’s still going strong

The fabulous trams are not only an excellent way to travel round and view Prague but they’re an attraction in themselves – even though some date back to the country’s communist days, as Olly Sullivan explains.


2.05 Ding dong – there’s one tourist attraction everyone heads for

On the hour, every hour, crowds swarm to watch the famous astronomical clock in Old Town Square. Watch Harry Rogers’ video.



1.25 More canine capers in Prague

by Ollie Heppenstall

First in our entries is the lovely Rolli, owned by 33-year-old Tommaso. Seen here in the Old Town Square, they’re here in Prague for another 4 days.

Prague doggo Tommaso

They’re joined by Martin, 35, and Shari, staying in Prague for another 3 days.

More to come!

Prague doggo Martin

1.15 Weird and wonderful – Human puppet entertains some children


12.57 Bubbles fill the air thanks to this street performer

12.33 The world of animals, big and small

It’s huge, it’s fascinating, it’s fun…watch Alice Warner’s vlog of a trip to Prague Zoo.


12.05 Fashion, fashion, fashion

If you’re a shopaholic, there’s a bus just for you. Sophie Sandberg takes a look at Prague’s fashion outlets.


12.02 It’s heaven for LP-lovers

Harry Rogers was impressed with the largest record store in Europe – it covers several storeys.


11.55 The streets are full of them

Almost every corner you turn in Prague city, there’s a street entertainer waiting for you. Alex Leadbitter tracks some of them down.

A footballing trickster wows an audience in one of Prague’s many side streets

11.30 They’re barking!

Prague’s canine population is intriguing reporter Ollie Heppenstall.

Prague doggo 3



9.30 Journalism students dig out stories during internship in Prague


Welcome to a live blog being produced today from the heart of Prague in the Czech Republic with a range of reports, features and vlogs.

A group of eight Journalism students from De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) are in the capital of Bohemia to complete an internship at the prestigious Charles University in Prague.

The mix of seven single honours Journalism students, one joint honours Journalism & International Relations student, and DMU tutor Brian Dodds are in Prague for a fortnight.

Read the full report.

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