VIDEO: Witnessing the Old Town astronomical clock

By Harry Rogers


The clock, located on the south wall

Hundreds of people gather in the Old Town Square as they always do every hour to witness the famous astronomical clock ring out in Prague.

Installed in 1410, the clock is mounted on the southern wall of the Old Town Hall and goes through the same routine every hour, drawing tourists in from all over the world.

One minute before every hour, a figurine resembling death will ring its bell to collect the souls of the three figurines located on either side of the clock.

Each figurine signifies things that were despised at the time when the clock was built, which are vanity, greed and lust.

As death rings its bell, the hated emotions shake their heads as they do not wish to go with him.

Above them, the apostles can be seen through two windows, taking it in turn to peer out at what’s going on.

You can watch this via the video below:



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