By Harry Rogers

A haunted pub sits inside Prague’s old town offering fine food and beer for an affordable price.

rope makers wife
The famous portrait of the rope maker’s wife that will heal your suffering for love

Provaznice tells the story of a fair maiden who was lusted over by all the men in Prague, but her heart belonged to her husband, the rope-maker.

Her husband spent many days away crafting rope and promised his wife her very own pub to look after whilst he was away.

As soon as her pub was open, it quickly became a popular spot for all the men in the area to drink.

Rumours spread that, tired of always longing after her husband’s return, the rope-maker’s wife began offering other services as well as food and beer to cure her loneliness

When the rope-maker learned of his wife’s unfaithfulness, he was furious and came home straight away to confront her about the rumours he had heard.

When she confessed, in a moment of rage he strangled his wife with rope, to punish her for her actions.

Haunted Pub

It is said that her spirit still dwells in the pub as a curse, and will not rest until she has healed all the souls suffering for love.

At the back of the pub sits a portrait of the rope-maker’s wife and it is said that anyone who is suffering for love should touch the portrait and their problems will be sorted.

The place has such a rustic feel that can rarely be found elsewhere in Prague so if you’re suffering for love, the cursed pub of Provaznice may cure all of your dilemmas.

You can visit Provaznice by taking the metro to Můstek, then a short walk just off of Wenceslas Square.

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