Lifelong fan-turned backroom staff might be the final cog in the Foxes’ football machine

A Leicester lad is enjoying a dream start to his dream job as Leicester City Football Club continue their winning run since his arrival.

Temple in Leicester tackles organ donation shortages in ethnic minority groups

The life-threatening issue of organ donation shortages among those of an ethnic minority background is being tackled by Vanik Council UK, whose seminar in Leicester last year saw over 30 people register as a donor.

VIDEO: DMU encourages students to get on the electoral register on deadline day

Students in the UK have until 11:59pm tonight (Tues,NOV26) if they want to vote in the General Election on December 12.

DMU students are being targeted by fraudsters to act as ‘money mules’

Criminals are targeting international students at DMU through online job adverts posted on social media and phone calls pretending to be from the Home Office.

Academics and policing figureheads lead DMU students in discussions combatting rampant UK knife crime

A host of expert academics and policing figureheads delivered a series of panel discussions with law students at De Montfort University last week, to discuss the pressing issue of rampant knife crime.