An homage to Prague’s classic trams

By Olly Sullivan

Although most references to the Czech Republic’s communist past has been lost, the Soviet-era trams that still run through the city are a stark reminder.

The Tatra T3 tram, originally produced in Czechoslovakia from 1960-1989 is still the most widely used tram in Prague, adding to the historic atmosphere of the city.


An older tram on Wenceslas Square converted into a cafe

Despite the introduction of more sleek modern trams in the city, a trip on a Tatra T3 tram still remains one of the quickest ways to get around town. Above all, a trip on the tram is a great way to see the city.


The Tatra T3 tram

A new route as of May this year, line 23, will run exclusively using the original Tatra T3 stock, and includes popular tourist areas such as Staroměstská as well as the iconic Prague Castle.

As usual in Prague, take a look out the window and make sure to look up – there’s always something to see.


  1. […] The fabulous trams are not only an excellent way to travel round and view Prague but they’re an attraction in themselves – even though some date back to the country’s communist days, as Olly Sullivan explains. […]


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