By Alice Warner

Nestled in Troja, Prague, is the exciting treasure that is Troja Zoo.

At first, we were sceptical of the zoo, thinking it would be identical to the ones that we visited as children back in England.

However, we were all very pleasantly surprised.

Not just with the animals but with how clean it was, and the sheer size of the zoo itself.

Animals were kept in wide open spaces and enclosures, especially in the case of large animals such as the elephants and giraffes.

A personal favourite were the mountain goats, native to North America these animals live on rocky cliffs and ice.

Prague Zoo had created a wall of rocks to accommodate them, so that we could see the comical way that they stand and jump up and down the rocks.

Animals at the zoo are very relaxed which makes for a very enjoyable day

The lunch here was also surprising. It was very cheap, around 80p for a hot dog!

While eating we sat under a tree and bathed in the glorious sun that seems to shine on Prague every day, and gave ourselves a break from the walking.

It seems we went to the zoo on the hottest day of the year so it was important that we had lots of water, so it was handy that there were a lot of cafes and vending machines dotted around the zoo.

Advice that we would give, is to take the chairlift to the top of the zoo so that you don’t have to walk up and down the hills all day, it was very tiring!

We all enjoyed our time at Prague Zoo, when we weren’t getting lost trying to find our favourite animals, and it is definitely worth a visit for the whole family.

prague zoo1
Prague zoo is located close to the centre at: U Trojskeho Zamku 3/120, Prague 171 00
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