The Street Performers of Prague

By Alex Leadbitter

Prague is without doubt one of the most culturally amazing cities in the world and a huge part of that culture are the street performers.


A footballing trickster wows an audience in one of Prague’s many side streets

These street performers are dotted around the entire city centre and also down by the river and across the many lengthy bridges that link Prague over the Vltava river.

Whether it’s musicians, living statues, street artists, football tricksters or even bubble makers, entertainment is around every corner and enjoyable for all ages.

Some are odd, some are funny and some are really quite weird but all of these performers make Prague the strange and fascinating city that it is known to be all around the world.

Walking around the streets of Prague you will often see large crowds gathering and it will most likely be because another street performer is showcasing their amazing abilities.

It appears that every day there is something new to marvel at and it only adds to the excitement of walking around the streets of Prague to see a human puppet or a snake handler.

No matter where you go in Prague, you are guaranteed to see a street performer that will amaze and astound you, and that is what make it one of the most exciting cities in the world.


Here is a great example of the weird and wacky alternative to the street performers, coming across this human puppet was quite a shock


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