Journalism students scour the streets of Prague for stories

Eight Journalism students from De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) have travelled to the heart of Bohemia to complete an internship at the prestigious Charles University in Prague.

The group on the famous Charles Bridge

The group are writing articles for Charles University’s English-language news website iForum during their fortnight’s visit to the historical city.

Since arriving last Monday (Aug21), the mix of students who have just completed their first or second years studying Journalism at DMU have explored Prague and its stunning scenery and tourism spots, and have started work on their writing assignments.

Matthew Earth, 21, who will soon be starting his final year studying Journalism, said: “I’ve really enjoyed going to different restaurants and sampling different food and beers. Everything has been quite cheap and I’ve made new friends through #DMUGlobal.”


Erasmus, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, is a European Union programme which helps students who want to travel and study abroad, enabling them to spend a year studying at a foreign university.

Matthew added: “I’m writing about how the Erasmus scheme has developed over the last 30 years for the iForum website. I will be interviewing Ivana Herglova, the Erasmus co-ordinator of Charles University.”

Ivana Herglova gives the group a tour of the Charles University Museum

The eight students are staying in the 17th November halls of residence in Troja, where Charles University houses its Erasmus students – a Europe-wide student exchange scheme which it prides itself on being part of.

The group, led by Journalism tutor Brian Dodds, will also be taking part in a live blog day next week on the Leicestershire Press website.

#DMUGlobal is a scheme which offers students the opportunity to visit other countries as part of their studies.

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