VIDEO: Prague markets – a great experience

By Alice Warner

Throughout the city of Prague there are small, intriguing and quaint little markets.

Unlike Leicester, they are quiet with a great deal of hand-made Czech goods, produce and gifts.

As you can see, there are many people on the streets of the market, making their produce so you can see the old-fashioned way things were made and produced.

This gentleman is using an old loom to weave cloth into clothing and scarves to sell on his market stall.

Seeing a loom was all very new to us as we had never witnessed one in action.

Most of the stalls were selling items native to Prague, such as sausages, chimney cakes, fruit, flowers, glass and woodwork.


We could have spent hours walking around the market looking at the wonderful things that the people here craft by hand.

You can also smell all of the incredible food cooking as you walk around, which leads you to all of the food stalls.

The chimney cakes are definitely worth a try if you’ve got a sweet tooth, plain or covered in chocolate or ice cream, these cakes are Prague’s answer to our doughnut.

Just down the road from the stalls selling all of the goods was a fruit market.


This one had such a nice family friendly feel to it as you were walking around.

All of the stall owners had their dogs, wives and children with them running the stall and you could see that they were genuinely happy, playing games and talking to the public.

Again, all of the produce was local and looked very tasty.

It is such a contrast to Leicester Market and when in Prague they are definitely worth a visit, whether just to walk around or to sit down and have lunch amongst the lovely people, you could spend a whole day just in awe at all of the wonderful things on offer here.


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