03.21pm Leicester prepares for Gateway opening

One of Leicester’s oldest and most historic structures will be open to the public next week. For all information on the event, please read here.


03.17pm FRESH PRINCE OF LEICESTER – Full story

Harry receives ceremonial send off from LASS centre after Leicester charity visit.

Full story covered here. 


03.14pm Leicester City Council fire update

Tweets from @ATCLeicester informing the public of road reopening after blazing fire closed it off for the majority of the day.

new story fire

03.10pm A look back on Leicester IRA attacks

Read our story here on how Leicester, in 1939, was one of the first places in mainland Britain to be targeted by the IRA.

03.07pm Leicester students pay tribute to late Martin McGuinness


Students studying in Leicester have paid their tributes to late Martin McGuinness. Read the full story by Ross Barnett here. 

02.51pm Real Ale Festival set to start in Leicester

Wetherspoons outlets in Leicester are to host a nation-wide real ale festival.

For the full story by Ollie Heppenstall, click here.


02.42pm Leicestershire Press follow up stories on Leicester fire

Below links to all follow up stories on Leicester fire today.

Pictures: Leicester Substation Fire

Leicester fire causes power outage affecting thousands

How Twitter reacted to Leicester fire

Fire and power-cut causes traffic disruption

02.18pm Roaring royal welcome in Regent Street

Prince Harry’s visit to LASS, the Leicester AIDS Support Services, concluded with a roaring combination of African drums and cheering fans.
He was led out of the LASS building through the outside courtyard in front of a warm reception from the assembly which swarmed Leicester’s Regent Street.

Full story to follow.


02.13pm Inspector Morse creator dies

Sad breaking news, Colin Dexter has passed away at the age of 86.

Best known for writing Inspector Morse novels between 1975 and 1999 which were adapted for the long-running TV series.

Here’s a tweet from journalist Stacey Lucas;

thumbnail_Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 14.13.52.jpg

02.05pm New video footage of Leicester sub station fire

@santim220 sent us this great video of the fire, with the comment “Hope everyone is ok.”

01.54pm DMU welcomes new President of Student Activities

A DSU member is proud of his success after a victorious election campaign.

Following the Students’ Union elections, Ahtesham Mahmood found himself receiving the most votes from the student body.

To read the full story, click here. 


01.42pm Updated information on armed robbery in Measham

Three armed men in balaclavas robbed two people who were delivering cash to a store in Measham earlier this morning.

To read more of our reporter’s updated full story, click here.

01.28pm First for royal fan



Betty Langton, pensioner and royalist said: “I saw Diana when she came, I’ve seen the queen twice but I’ve never seen Harry though. I love the royals”








01.06pm Shops closure

The shops on the A6, Halfords, Carpet Right and The Range, have been evacuated because of the fire.
Some staff have been sent home for the day.

12.41pm Eyewitness from the fire

“We could see the smoke all the way from Bede Island and came here to see what was going on and all we could see was black smoke”- Mark Fereday

12.38pm All Power back on following fire

WPD confirm all power has been restored following today’s fire on Ravensbridge Drive

12.29pm Vegan adverts pop-up in city centre

Follow Danial Nash’s full story here on Vegan adverts for more information and pictures.

12.11pm Royal welcome for Prince Harry

Prince Harry’s visit to Leicester shown in photographs, arriving 26 years after his late mother, Princess Diana, visited the same charity on Regent Road in 1991.

12.08pm Crowds arriving at Regent Road waiting for Prince Harry’s arrival

More pictures and news to follow from our reporters at the scene.

12.01pm Power for 45,000 aims to be restored by 12:30

Western Power Distribution’s twitter account updates that they are aiming to restore all supplies and power by 12.30pm.


11.59am More bus delays due to Leicester fire

thumbnail_Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.57.05.jpg

11.55am DMU celebrating 5th Holi festival

The fifth Holi festival run by DMU’s Indian Society takes place at Bede Park in Leicester this week.

More information found here.

11.51am Prince Harry – His visit to Leicester

Leicestershire Press reporters have been sent down to Regent Road, Leicester, to find out more info on Prince Harry’s visit.

More news stories and photos to follow.

11.40am Arriva bus services delayed due to power station fire

Post shared on ‘Arriva Midlands East’ Facebook page.

thumbnail_Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.36.03.jpg

11.33am 27,000 homes affected by power cut in Leicester due to Ravensbridge electricity fire

Tweets shared by Leicester City Council.

11.30am Beaumont Leys library evacuation

Beaumont Leys library has been evacuated until further notice due to Ravensbridge fire.

Belgrave library has subsequently been left without power.

11.26am Ravensbridge electricity substation fire


thumbnail_Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.20.52

Ravensbridge electricity substation fire, view from Leicester college.
Power loss effecting 45,000 users Fire Service and Western Power dealing with fire.
More photos and info to come.

10.47am JCB used in dramatic ram-raid.

Great photo by Andrew Carpenter of a cash machine ripped out by a JCB in Great Glen, in an attempt to steal a cash machine from a Leicestershire Co-op.

Officers were called to Main Street, in Great Glen, at about 3.05am today after an alarm was activated at the store.

A cordon remains in place in Main Street while initial enquiries are conducted at the scene.


10.43am How House of Verse plan to shake up Leicester music scene

House of Verse perform at Leicester train station in December. Source - HouseOfVerse.

Leicester-based House of Verse will be appearing at the popular 2funky Music Café on March 25th, performing a mixture of spoken word poetry, music and comedy.




10.39am Student loans in the firing line

Students criticise the university funding system. Milo Burgoine-Roth investigates.

10.26am Armed Robbery on High Street, Measham

An investigation is underway, after an armed robbery that took place in the early hours of this morning, in Measham.

A High Street store was taking a cash delivery when three armed men proceeded to rob the establishment.

More to follow.

10.22am Weather Forecast

After a chilly start there will be sunshine and scattered showers, these falling as sleet or hail at times, especially across the Peak District. Feeling colder than recent days in the brisk wind, with some strong gusts at times.

Tonight will be a cold night with clear spells, but turning generally cloudy but all areas probably remaining dry. Chance of some rain and snow across Derbyshire hills.



10.10am Good Morning.

Lots of news coming your way from the Leicestershire press news team today.

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