Vegan adverts pop-up in city centre

By Danial Nash

Adverts promoting veganism have been spotted around Leicester’s city centre in the past few weeks, causing a variety of reactions.

vegan2, stated at the bottom of the posters, is the organisation that set up the adverts.

A high concentration of the adverts could be found within the city centre, as well as some being directly outside Leicester train station and reaching the outskirts of the De Montfort University campus.

Joe Wood, 18, a DMU student studying Media and Journalism, said: “I think it’s unusual to see the adverts in the city centre but if they are trying to promote their cause then it’s understandable.

“Some people close to me are vegetarian so I tend to have a few meals without any meat in them and I think it’s a healthy way of living.”

The posters found in phone boxes, bus shelters and advertising booths spread messages such as ‘Dairy takes babies from their mothers’, ‘Humane milk is a myth: Don’t buy it’ and ‘Defenceless and innocent’, amongst others.


Leicester city has over sixty restaurants, cafes and shops that cater for people who decide to live a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. This is helped by the fact that there is large community of people in Leicester from the faiths of Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism.

There are multiple societies on social media platforms such as Facebook that have vegetarian/vegan groups for people in Leicester, which may provide support for those who are in the process of or have considered transitioning to veganism/vegetarianism.

For more information about the adverts and the organisation that set them up, visit

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