Leicester students pay tribute to late Martin McGuinness

By Ross Barnett


Students studying in Leicester have focused on Martin McGuinness’ recent political career when remembering the former IRA Commander.

Abbie Crawford, from Newtownards and studying Media at De Montfort University, paid her tributes to Mr McGuinness’ work in bringing peace to Northern Ireland.

“I think his death means very different things to different people, and inspires very different emotions, just like Ian Paisley’s death,” she said.

“Disregarding his past, I think he’s done a lot for the Peace Process and post-1998 has been a great politician and worked really hard in favour of further developing peace and working for both sides of the community outside of ‘orange and green’ issues, but staying true to his beliefs at the same time.

“He was respectful of others with different beliefs than him, which is rare enough in Northern Irish politics so I’m sure the lack of his presence will be noticeable. I’m sad that he’s dead.”

Andrew Adair, an aerospace engineering student at University of Leicester, added: “I am not the most tuned in politically but I believe he helped in the peace process to move Northern Ireland on from the violence.”

The former Deputy First Minister passed away in hospital early this morning after a battle with a rare heart condition.

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