Fresh Prince of Leicester: Harry receives ceremonial send off from Leicester LASS centre visit

By Tyler Arthur and Alex Leadbitter and Milo Burgoine-Roth

Prince Harry’s visit to Leicester AIDS Support Services concluded with a roaring combination of African drums and cheering fans.

He was led out of the LASS building through the outside courtyard in front of a warm reception from the assembly which swarmed Leicester’s Regent Street.

His Royal Highness was with the Support Services inside for over an hour, but that didn’t deter the excited crowd, who had been anticipating his exit with flags and cameras at the ready.

The drum-toting entourage of employees ceremonially marked his exit, as he walked to his Jaguar, but even the vibrant, African music couldn’t drown out the sheer wall of noise produced by the animated audience.


Anne Portwood, a local who visited with her son, said:

“I’m a very keen fan of the royal family – I think they work very hard. I also happen to be a massive fan of Diana which is why I’m here as I have that link to the children through her.

“I didn’t get to see her when she was here sadly but I did see the Queen at the train station when she came with Kate for the Diamond Jubilee.”

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