Are student loans causing more problems than they fix?

By Milo Burgoine-Roth

A resident of Newarke Point believes he, like many of their residents, is dissatisfied with the student loans received.

Ben Shipley, 19, said: “Student loans are useful enough, but when you can’t find any work and you have to pay for rent, food, and still afford a social life, it gets hectic.

“Student finance have to understand that just because my parents earn a certain amount doesn’t mean they pour their yearly savings in to my account.

I lived with them for 18 years where they clothed and fed me and they still send me the odd amount, but I’ve got little siblings who still need to be looked after. Student finance don’t seem to get this and it’s not fair.”

Ben then told of a student he knows from Leeds named Daniel who was being threatened with eviction, and the detrimental effect it had on his life at university.

“It’s not fair, he studies his music, goes out and gets his groceries; everything a student should do. But he falls behind on one payment and he’s left with a bunch of notices saying there is no choice but to evict him if he doesn’t pay.

He spoke to them and they’ll hold out for the next payment but that cripples him because he’ll be low on money after his next payment and the guy still needs to eat.”

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