DMU celebrating 5th Holi festival

By Joanne Ford

thumbnail_holi fest 1The fifth Holi festival run by DMU’s Indian Society takes place at Bede Park in Leicester on Friday, March 31st.

Holi festival is celebrated in March to celebrate the beginning of spring. It is known as the “Festival of Colours”, because festivities include throwing colours over people in celebration.

The festival is completely free, and everyone who attends gets a free bag of coloured powder, so they can join in with celebrations.

Arpith Shetty, Secretary of DMU’s Indian Society, has taken a lead role in organising the popular event.

“The Holi festival is the significance of the arrival of spring, and each colour at Holi signifies a different emotion. The entire festival is all about having fun and joy where people come together to have a great day”, she said.

“In the present world there’s a lot of sadness and violence going on. At this time, it’s important that people come together and have a great time to spread love and peace.”

To celebrate this being the fifth year that the DMU Indian Society has run the festival, they are bringing live music to the festival, which will consist of a mix of both Bollywood and English music.

“There’s going to be a mix of Bollywood music, Indian music and English songs. We even have more colours than expected this year.

“We want to make it bigger this year- that’s why we’ve collaborated with a lot of other entities as well; we have Faculty of Technology and DMU Square Mile.

“We have really supported the initiative of Love International, the whole event signifies peace and love which is the same initiative as Love International.”

For any more information on the event, contact Arpith Shetty on 07404524494, or visit their Facebook events page at .

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