5.50pm Thats’s all for today folks

4.36pm Millwall fans turn on Leicester City supporters

Foxes fan Muji Ahmedi describes to Charlie Bourne the atmosphere during the recent Leicester City FA Cup loss to Millwall

4.30pm Hopeful student seeks ski trip funding

Daniel Siggins speaks to a student who has launched a GoFundMe webpage to raise the cash for a ski trip.

4.15pm Good news for DMU as prospective students flood in

Aidan Thompson looks at how a rise in applicants has taken DMU into the top ten most popular universities in the UK.

4pm Students urged to ask Fearless Questions

Matthew Earth gets to grips with the DMU Christian Union’s week-long event.


3.55pm DMU Open Day was a ‘record-breaker’

Jack Gabriel chats to a prospective student to get an insight into why the latest DMU Open Day attracted record numbers

3.45pm It’s time to debate mental health

Tonight, the DMU Politics Society will put mental health issues under the spotlight in a debate. Ollie Heppenstall finds out more.

3.34pm Here’s Sophie Sandberg’s story about a charity cake sale – with a serious message about breast cancer.

3.26pm Here’s a nice tale about an enterprising art student

Rosh Soor is turning his drawing skills into a business. He chats with Danial Nash.

3.20pm More stories flooding in now

2.24pm One Day Without Us gathering pace

People will gather at Leicester’s Town Hall Square at 6pm this evening to show support and solidarity for the migrants who have been striking from their jobs throughout the day.

It is hoped that the One Day Without Us event will “put a human face to the abstract concept of ‘migrants’.” one of the organisers told reporter Max Pearson.
12.39pm DMU Heritage Centre entertains children

The DMU Heritage Centre team thought up a string of fun ways to show its attractions to children, as Sophie Sandberg discovered.

12.30pm Can you stay healthy on a student budget?

Danial Nash asks if staying healthy is possible while battling with student finances.

12.22pm LGBT+ student praises #DMUpride events

12.14pm Top notes from world-renowned saxophonist

Saxophonist Tim Garland speaks to Ollie Heppenstall following his gig at The Venue.

12.07pm Tasty venue for Comedy Festival events

Matthew Knight discovers why DMU students have got involved in organising Comedy Festival events at Peter’s Pizzeria.

11.55am Fearless Questions – what’s that about?

Interview with president of the Christian Union happening in a few minutes about their challenging promotion happening today.

11.50am Cake sale for a good cause

DMU’s UniBOOBTeam are today selling cakes to raise money and awareness of the importance to check your boobs regularly – Sophie Sandberg has spoken to them about what motivates them – story coming soon.

11.35am DMU Politics debate

Ollie Heppenstall is off to interview someone from the DMU Politics Society. They’ve got a campus debate being planned. Find out more soon.

11:20am Today’s live blog launched.

Looking forward to seeing what stories our Journalism students come in with today. Already they’ve told a me a few of their story ideas.

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