DMU becomes favourite amongst prospective students

By Aidan Thompson

De Montfort University is now amidst the top 10 most popular universities in the UK after a rise in acceptances from UK and EU students in 2016.

Securing its place in The Complete University Guide’s league tables at 54, the university has risen 27 places since 2012 and maintained its position within the UK’s top 10 fastest growing universities, thanks to its biggest intake of UK and EU students than ever before.

A report by UCAS shows that DMU has the eighth largest number of new students from the UK and EU, and also had the eighth biggest rise in UK and EU students accepted onto courses compared to 2015.

DMU’s £136 million campus regeneration.


DMU’s rise in acceptances of EU students break the mould of a national decline following the EU referendum, which mirror’s the effects from the #LoveInternational campaign.

Fine Art student, Kiera Daniels, who has an offer from DMU to begin studies in September, said: “Fine Art at De Montfort will help me make so many connections, especially with it being highly ranked.

“It’s one the best universities to help me begin to establish myself as an artist in the creative industry.”

DMU’s increase in popularity reflects the results of the university’s efforts off the back of a £136 million re-development of its campus, plus the #LoveInternational, #DMUglobal and DMU Square Mile projects.

DMU’s ‘campus of the future’ is now a reality with its new centrepiece, the Vijay Patel Building.

The newly renovated Campus Centre, Food Village and Riverside café help finish the transformation.

Kiera also said: “You can see the investment on campus, and for me, in particular the art department.

“It really shows the university is willing to invest in students to ensure their success.”

More potential students will be able to see DMU for themselves over the coming months as another open day will be held on Saturday 18th March.


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