De Montfort celebrates equality with pride

By Sophie Sandberg

February 6 marked the launch of De Montfort University’s third consecutive LGBT History Month with DMU Pride.

The university has this year arranged a series of cultural and sports events spread across February and March to raise awareness for LGBT-related issues.

The aim is to create an environment in which staff and students can be themselves as well as educating people about tolerance and respect for the community.

photo-2017-02-06Nicolle Payne, 23, a third year Journalism student at DMU, has been a member of university’s LGBT+ Society since her first year and said: “I think it is important that the university acknowledges its LGBT students because it shows that we are able to express who we are as people while at university.

“It also helps educating people not only from the straight community but from the LGBT community as well.

“Coming to university I didn’t know who I was and then I joined the LGBT+ society and that made me grow as an individual and I learned a lot about myself.”

DMU has yet again been recognised in the Stonewall Top 100 Employers league, which
is an annual review of workplace culture specifically for LGBT staff.

Students, like Nicolle, saw that as proof of how open the university really is to the LGBT community.

This year DMU partnered up with local authorities and organisations such as the Leicester LGBT Centre, the Curve theatre, the Phoenix cinema and art centre and the Leicester Comedy Festival to make DMU Pride as engaging and eventful as possible.

The full schedule of the events can be found on De Montfort University’s website:




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