Can students maintain a healthy lifestyle at university?

By Danial Nash

The majority of current and ex-students would most likely agree that money issues quite often sit at the top of the worries list.

ash-gym-storyIt can change your previous habits you had before attending university, such as practicing an instrument or learning a language.

One hobby in particular that can be threatened whilst at university is staying healthy and visiting the gym frequently. Student life is riddled with nights out (as you would expect) so for those looking to discipline themselves into a gym routine it can prove challenging.

After a heavy night drinking large quantities of alcohol, fast-food places tend to attract many student customers. Money restrictions aren’t the only factor that can impact upon positive habits. Study time, a job and extra-curricular activities can all impact upon a healthy lifestyle as well.

Ashleigh Smith, an Interior Design student at De Montfort University from Tamworth, has been an avid gym-goer for the last two years up to the present.

He said: “My course of Interior Design can get in the way occasionally because it is quite an intense course, but I think that going to the gym is one of them things where if you want to do it you will make time for it.

“Money can be an issue too as gym memberships don’t tend to be very cheap usually, but some places like to attract student areas with cheaper memberships. Luckily enough for myself my accommodation offers a free gym area that I can train in which I think is great.”

As well as the visiting the gym, supermarkets around the Leicester area such as Lidl, Aldi and even the city food market can all provide cheap fruit and vegetables for help with nutrition.

Despite issues than can affect your journey to a healthy lifestyle at university, if it is what you really want, stick by it! The by-product of discipline will help you with your future studies too.


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