Day of protest planned as people come together as part of the One Day Without Us Day

By Max Pearson

People will come together this evening (Monday 20th February) at Leicester’s Town Hall Square, in the City Centre, as part of the national One Day Without Us event.

The organiser of the Leicester event, Mireya Gonzalez Rodriguez, said: “The aim of One Day Without Us is to celebrate the contribution of migrants to the UK in the face of current narratives that vilify and stigmatise migrants.

“In Leicester we are inviting all migrants and their supporters to take part in a unifying action.”


Leicester’s Town Hall Square plays host to the vigil at 6pm

The main event, in Leicester, is a vigil, that will take place at the Town Hall Square from 6pm onwards.

Ms Gonzalez Rodriguez, said: “Coinciding with the UN day for Social Justice, we are inviting people to reflect on the already naturalised input of migrants, putting a human face to the abstract concept of ‘migrant’.

One Day Without Us is inviting migrants to strike from their jobs or take time out from their usual day in the hope that it will show the importance that they bring to society.

Although, they understand this may not be practical.

Ms Gonzalez Rodriguez said: “The original idea, when we started this as a conversation on Facebook back in October, was to ask migrants to strike for a day.

“Unfortunately, for this to have an impact, large numbers of migrants should be taking the day off work, and not all of us are in a situation where we can afford it or be allowed to do it without the fear of losing our jobs. So, we are asking people to do whatever they feel is right for them.

“Whatever your nationality, your place of origin, wherever you work, join us and make the 20th February a day of solidarity, reflection and celebration.”


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