DMU student sets up GoFundMe page in bid to raise funds for skiing tour

By Daniel Siggins

A DMU student has created a GoFundMe page in an attempt to raise the £300 needed for the Demon Snow Sports tour, which takes place in Les Arcs, France, in April.

tomTom Emberson, a third year Business and Management student, created a page on the popular crowdfunding site last week, and it has already received more than 40 shares on Facebook.

Mr Emberson decided to set up the page when he realised he would struggle to raise the funds for the deadline of March 2 to pay for the tour.

“I realised that it was going to be difficult to afford tour with the money I was earning from work, and didn’t want to ask for such a large sum from one person.”

With £300 being the target in such a short space of time, Tom is realistic with his expectations.

“I don’t expect to achieve the £300 unless someone is feeling extra generous and has a sizeable level of disposable income, but anything people donate I’m grateful for.”

Tom missed out on the tour last year because he couldn’t afford it and as he is in his final year he is keen to finally have a chance at enjoying this ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity.

“I think if they want to help a student out with £5 or £10 to help him enjoy a week away amidst this stressful period where he’s juggling the search for a graduate job, university, work and his own job then it should make them feel good.”

So far his GoFundMe page has raised £15 of the £300 target.

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