Fine Art student at DMU turns hobby into business

By Danial Nash

A DMU student has turned his hobby of fine drawing into a business on the side of his degree.

Rosh Soor, 19, has been promoting his work in his new student home of Leicester and has already received large amounts of requests to create art pieces.


Earlier this month Rosh created and delivered vibrant flyers to a student accommodation on Upperton Road, which showcased his previous artwork and provided his contact details, as well as stating that he is able to create any designs people may have in mind.

He also has plans to reach further student accommodations and deliver flyers there too.

Since then, Rosh has completed many requested designs including paintings, landscapes, family photos and Valentine’s Day drawings, to only nrosh-fine-art-picame a few.

Rosh has decided to start putting a price on some of his artwork, and when asked whether he receives commission for his pieces, he had to say:

“It depends on the size and the equipment I need to use. When I do charge, I like to make sure it is a reasonable amount because it is on top of my degree and it takes a lot of time, effort and skill to produce.”

It was clear to see that he wanted to expand in the future, as he stated:

“I love what I do. I can definitely see myself maintaining this business on the side and in the future I want to branch out, such as promoting a website and expanding my art.”

Rosh can be found at all his social media sites of Facebook (JCMR Art), Instagram (justcallmerosh) and Snapchat (justcallmerosh).

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