Live blog: Windrush scandal update

17.09pm: Elders react to Windrush scandal

Senior members of Leicester’s African Caribbean centre have expressed their dismay at the Windrush scandal. Jake Olner and Ollie Heppenstall got a sense of the shock and hurt from people whose families were invited to settle in Britain in the 1950s but now face deportation fears after it emerged the Government destroyed landing cards proving their right to stay.

16.31pm: Summer is here, bring out the barbecue

Ross Barnet gives you his best barbecue tips to enjoy in the sun.

15.56pm: Leicester choir raise the roof in Britain’s Got Talent audition

DMU’s gospel choir got the backing of all four Britain’s Got Talent judges after a “heavenly” audition. Read the full story here.

15.19pm: Windrush update

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Leicestershire Press just spoke to Iona Benjamin, Rorna Price and Pauline Reid who all came to the UK after the Windrush.

“I just think its very shameful. We all came here with British passports and now they’re telling us to go back home. I can’t see what sense that makes.” said Iona Benjamin.

More to come.

14.20pm: Slipper exchange becomes a success

Alice Warner explains how the new council scheme works

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13.32pm: Car crash update- Police arrest man on drugs charges after stolen car crashes


A man has been arrested in North Leicestershire following a car pursuit by police, which ended with the driver crashing a stolen car into a tree. This is what we know so far.

13.33pm: DMU student overcomes mental illness and earns year-long Volkswagen placement


“I couldn’t focus on anything. Things I used to enjoy I no longer did; I didn’t have the belief that I was able to achieve anything so basically killed my motivation.” Read Josh’s story here.

13.08pm: Prince fans listen up!

A tribute act to one of the greatest musicians of all time, Prince, will be appearing at De Montfort hall on Friday, April 20. Find out how to secure your tickets here.

13.02pm: Windrush causes outrage in Parliament

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 13.01.37

Our reporters are currently talking to people at the African Caribbean Centre in Leicester to get some local responses.

12.50pm: Has Instagram changed the way we eat?

Conor de Smith visits Saints of Mocha, the popular Leicester café that took Instagram by storm with its mouth-watering food pictures, and finds out if Instagram has changed the way we eat.


12.37pm: Find out how to get yourself a free meal at the Code Café

The café will be offering a variety of free meals, Monday to Friday, from 11am to 3pm, ranging from Burger and Chips, Penne Pasta and even a Caribbean Buffet on the Friday as part of their Caribbean Carnival.

12.16pm: The new DSU President wants to improve sexual harassment awareness at DMU

Tyler Arthur speaks to Jessica Okwuonu who vows to improve sexual harassment awareness at DMU when she becomes President of the Students’ Union.

Jess 1

11.37am: Leicester Riders’ third straight league title hopes to inspire generation of basketball players

The Leicester Riders aim to inspire youngsters to follow their dreams.

“With three players in the squad going to Loughborough University, it shows everyone that they don’t have to be an American scholar to play professionally.”

Read the full success story here.


11.32am: Driver arrested on suspicion of car theft and possession of drugs in Leicestershire

Ruairi O’Connor is looking into last night’s suspicious car crash in Leicestershire. More to come!

11.14am: Keep your eyes open

Our reporters are running around all over Leicester today to give you the latest news updates. Let us know if you have got any stories you want us to cover.

11.03am: Public urged to attend NHS campaign group meeting

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 11.29.53

“Locally, we are set to lose £500 million. This means ongoing deterioration in our services.” Read the full report here.


Two of our reporters are heading down to the African Caribbean Centre to get reactions and thought on an unfolding scandal. Watch this space!

10.51am: Hospice’s 10k carnival walk breaks two all-time records (VIDEO)

This year’s Twilight Walk organised by LOROS became the most successful fundraiser yet! Read the full story here.

10.31am: Leicester traders offer a ‘Healthy Start’ to those in need

The Leicestershire Press talks to the traders who have joined a new welfare scheme and offers fresh fruit and vegetables to people in need.


10.23am: Slum life shocks DMU students (VIDEO)

Jonathan Briars tells reporter Alice Warner about how his volunteer trip to India changed his outlook on life. Watch Jonathan’s talk about the experience here 

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10.22am: Do you think Leicester is hipster? We want to know your thoughts

10.14am: Leicester local boxed herself to a silver medal

The silver medalist talks to the Leicestershire Press about how she now aims for the Olympics. Read Paige’s success story here 

Paige Semi Final

10.07am: Jason Lee to give free screenwriting workshop tonight

Reporter Matthew Chandler talks to professor Jason Lee about tonight’s workshop at the Phoenix cinema read the full story here

9.44am: Temperatures to hit 21oC in Leicester today

Is it time to sweep the dust off the barbeques?

Temperatures in Leicester will reach 21oC today, according to BBC Leicester weather. The good weather is expected to last with highs of 25oC expected tomorrow and 20oC expected for the weekend. sun with glasses.png

9am: Welcome

Good morning and welcome to today’s live blog. We’ll be featuring news and reports from in and around Leicester so keep your browser switched on to catch the latest.

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