‘How can they do this to us?’ elders of the African Caribbean Centre in Leicester ask

Elders have reacted with dismay to the Windrush scandal which emerged this week.

The Empire Windrush ship carried thousands of people from the Caribbean islands in 1948 to England, invited to settle here to help Britain tackle huge post-war labour shortages.

But it has now emerged documents such as landing cards proving their British citizenship were destroyed by the Government, making it harder for many to battle against moves being made for their deportation.

Rorna Pryc, 65, who first came from Jamaica in 1964, said: “They’re telling us to go back home and I can’t see what sense that makes.

“My Uncle came here as a bus driver and wife and when she came here she became a nurse and had a family. They are British.”

Iona Benjamin, also from Jamaica, said: “We’re not angry. I think it’s very shameful. We all came here on a British passport. They’re telling us to go home and I can’t see what sense that makes.”


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