Slums life shocks Leicester volunteer on teaching trip to India’s Punjab region

By Alice Warner

Jonathan Briars, 23, from Leicester, recently embarked on a life-changing volunteering trip to the Punjab region of India to teach children maths and English.

He said: “The facilities aren’t for the faint-hearted.

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Jonathan Briars with children from the school where he was volunteering

“The main shock is seeing the slum area that is a 15-minute walk away from the school where a lot of the kids lived when they were younger.

“The houses are effectively make-shift tents with very little shelter and there were a few nights where it rained a lot, but they got on with everything regardless.”

India is one of the countries that has large numbers in poverty and is always in need of aid.

However, Jonathan volunteered with Morning Star Ministries, which is one of the many churches and lesser known charity organisations doing great work to help people living in poor conditions.

Morning Star helps put vital and timely materials in the hands of those who need it most.

Jonathan added: “The kids are great. They’re all unique, so kind and generous even though they have such little resources compared to us in England. Some of them have even previously had life-threatening illnesses and are now completely healed and well.

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Jonathan Briars with one of his classes

“I can’t think of any kids that I didn’t strike up some sort of bond with in the three weeks that I was there.”

Jonathan’s main role was teaching and looking after the children including playing sports after school.

The older students also have examinations in March, so he was helping them with maths and English revision.

He also had day trips out to nearby towns and cities as well so he managed to see a few local sights.

Jonathan’s help was welcomed with open arms however there are many people around the globe who need help and support from small charities and churches just like this one.




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