Top barbecue tips to enjoy in the sun

By Ross Barnett

With the temperatures to hit over 20oC this weekend spring has almost definitely started. Adam Young, chef at Grill Stock, provided some tips for having a barbecue.

Adam served me a sample dish containing hot sausage, pulled pork and a beef brisket washed down with a pint of Budweiser.

“We use smokers so the meat is cooked at a slow pace” said Adam, “slow cooking adds so much more flavour so I would recommend every having a barbecue to use this method.

30704540_1743118592414328_8039456600836014080_n.jpg“We use hickory smokers which heats itself and smokes throughout the oven to cook the food. Once it reaches the desired temperature it switches off but will turn back on if the temperature drops. That’s why it’s so vital to keep the door closed.”

Adam insisted that this can be done from home: “There are commercial smokers that you can buy but it also can be done by building a clay oven. Do not overheat it. Get a starting flame but do not keep your meat too close to the flame or it will ruin the taste.”

Adam added: “Our chicken ribs would take about four hours to cook. A brisket will take about 12 hours while it would be 14-16 hours for the pork.”

“Some people go for a wet marinade or a dry rub to go over the meat. Wet marinade will give a clean texture while a dry rub is just there to add flavour and consists of herbs and spices.

“A dry rub does not add any texture but that’s ok if you are trying for a barbecue with flavour.”


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