Special report: the agonising disease affecting millions of women each day

Excruciating pain. Unmanageably heavy periods. Anger and frustration at not being heard or helped. The women who suffer this torment aren’t statistics. These are their stories. These are their lives. Philippa Blakeley reports.

Spill the Equali-Tea – a limited podcast series on social justice issues

Second year Broadcast Journalism students have produced a limited podcast series exploring a range of social justice issues in society as part of their radio journalism module.

Curtains set to open in Leicester with Jason Manford

Macbeth meets Live at the Apollo as comedian Jason Manford returns to Leicester this March as part of the murder mystery themed musical Curtains.

Five Get #Cancelled on Social Media: is it okay to enjoy classic children’s stories written by authors who had bigoted views?

Nikita Sharma grew up on stories by Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl. Now she knows about their prejudices, should she still be enjoying their books?

Jeffrey Lewis: ‘Each album feels like some miraculous thing that I might not ever be able to repeat’

The cult New York singer-songwriter discusses loneliness, luck and his love of comic books with Samuel Hornsby.


‘I used to think about killing the man who sexually abused me’

A survivor of child sexual abuse tells Jasmine Gurung about his past struggles – and how he won’t let the ordeal affect his future.

‘I was left for dead on the streets as a newborn baby. Here’s what happened next’

Abandoned in Delhi when she was only a few hours old, a young Leicester woman tells feature writer Sita Patel her striking story of a ‘new chance at life’ – and of her emotional return to the orphanage where she was adopted

You’ve got to admire their front! Winners revealed for the 2021 magazine cover prize

A stylish magazine which would shine on the nation’s newsstands is the winner of the 2021 cover prize for Journalism students at De Montfort University, Leicester.

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‘The awful day my lifelong dream of playing rugby for Wales died’

The game was going swimmingly. I was playing really well. I went in for a tackle … and I awoke several hours later in hospital with tubes stuck in my arms and a headache that felt like Zeus had just stuck me with a bolt of lightning.

VIDEO: DMU student reflects on Wembley trip for FA Cup final

De Montfort University student Luke Pawley was one of the 6,250 Leicester City fans at Wembley Stadium on Saturday, May 15.

Women’s boxing club opens up in Leicester

A boxing club in Leicester now has a club for girls who want to take part.

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