Budding newshounds urged to sign up for new ‘Demon News’ strand at DMU’s award winning media group

By Zach Saunders

De Montfort University’s award-winning student media group, Demon Media, will be offering new opportunities to students after it unveiled its new project ‘Demon News’.

It has started advertising for the role of Deputy Director of News and plans soon to be recruiting other students to other positions within the News strand.

The creation of the new strand ‘Demon News’ will accompany the current strands of Demon FM, Demon TV and The Demon Magazine.

Join us: Demon Media is seeking recruits to join its new News strand.

The team at Demon Media hope that the creation of a dedicated central news team will allow them to improve both the quantity and quality of content they produce.

They aim to provide a better experience for their student members and to be a source of information,as well as entertainment for DMU students.

Lawrence Robertson, Demon Media Chair, said: “Demon Media offers students the chance to gain media experience, from hosting their own radio show to seeing their articles in print, to finding out what it feels like to be a TV presenter or producer. Most importantly, there is the chance to meet other likeminded students along the way!”

The opportunity to apply for the role of Deputy Director of News is open until the deadline this Friday (DEC11) at midday. Interested students can find details on the role and the application by following the threads in this tweet.

After a successful applicant has been chosen for deputy, the gates will open for many more role opportunities such as news assistants, editors, producers and more. 

“Demon News will enhance this experience by providing a hub for all journalism experience for all students who would like to join,” said Lawrence.

Membership of Demon Media costs £8, which lasts the whole academic year and entitles students to many fantastic opportunities, including membership to all four strands of Demon Media and the ability to get involved in any projects, from filming a TV show, to designing a magazine column, to producing their dream radio show.

If DMU students are interested in joining Demon Media or simply wish to find out more, they can email hello@demon-media.co.uk for more details.

DemonFM announces podcast plan in wake of coronavirus closures

By Thomas Carter

With the coronavirus causing a shutdown to much of university life, student radio station Demon FM have refused to submit to the pandemic, instead launching an unprecedented plan for a series of podcasts.

This is because the on-campus live studio has been closed as part of De Montfort University’s COVID-19 lockdown procedures, forcing those at Demon Media (who run the station) to adapt to the new broadcasting climate.

As announced on social media last week (Monday 16th March), Demon FM will be replacing their usual show schedule with new podcasts, produced by station members from their homes.

The podcasts will cover a wide range of topics, including latest news updates, musical chart toppers and political debate panel shows.

Listeners can access the podcasts through the station website, as well as episodes being available via social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

Anticipation builds as Demon FM announce their biggest show of the year

By Thomas Carter

De Montfort University student radio station Demon FM have announced a groundbreaking all-night General Election show for Thursday(DEC12), providing political coverage throughout the evening for nine hours.

Set to take place live from the on-campus studio this week, the show will be on air from 10pm to 7am, ensuring listeners are kept up to date with all the events from this year’s General Election.

The broadcast will feature a range of panelists, as well as streaming live to the official vote count for Leicester, delivering updates and getting reactions from local voters.

Tom Fair, who is the Deputy Station Manager for Demon FM, said: “It’s a fantastic opportunity for us, and the biggest thing we have done this year.

“We’re lucky enough to be allowed in the count on Thursday night, so standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the big broadcasters like BBC and Sky is a huge reputation boost for the station!”

Alongside this, the Demon Magazine (another strand of the student-run Demon Media Group) will be running its first live blog, which will provide a timeline for people if they are unable to listen on radio.

Masters student and Demon FM Producer Jack Vines also commented on the anticipation for the upcoming show, saying: “It is vital for us to deliver entertaining but impartial coverage of the results.

“The all-night election show is great as it shows that young people are still interested in politics.”

Listeners can tune in live from 10pm to 7am this Thursday, catching all the action on the Demon FM website here: https://www.demonfm.co.uk/

Alternatively, those who are unable to listen in can follow all the updates and reactions from across the Midlands with the Demon Magazine live blog on their website: https://www.demon-media.co.uk/magazine/

De Montfort University to host 48-hour charity event

By Emily Barker

Two charities are going to benefit from a 48-hour university fundraising event.

De Montfort University’s student media platform, Demon Media, is going to be broadcasting for 48 consecutive hours to raise money.

The event will involve a 24-hour live stream from DemonTV, plus a 24-hour live broadcast from DemonFM (and a book written by The Demon to raise money).

The charities chosen are mental health charity Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) and an animal charity local to Leicester called Woodside Animal Shelter.

Media and Journalism student Rhys Bailey (Photo: Emily Barker)

Rhys Bailey, 24, is a first year Media and Journalism student and is the organiser of the Lip Sync Battle Raise and Give (RAG) event.

He said: “I’m scared and nervous, but also looking forward to the challenge of editing my first show, but it’s very daunting.

“I have worked the front and back of the camera before for Demon Media, but Lip Sync Battle is the first project I’m fully involved in and running.”

The RAG charity event begins on Friday, March 1, at midday and ends at midday on the Sunday.

There is going to be 48 hours of live and pre-recorded content for this show which will all be free to watch.

Events on the line-up include Lip Sync Battle, Demon Drag Race, a live Drunk Bob Ross programme, Drunk Histories and a music quiz called Quiz Me Baby One More Time.

The whole event will be streamed on Demon Media’s YouTube and Facebook page so viewers can watch as it happens, or re-watch at any time.

Most of the live events will be happening from the TV studio, whereas the pre-recorded content has been shot in a variety of places both on and off campus.

The link to donate will be edited into the footage.

Rhys continues: “My event is a really energetic event, I love music myself so it will be full of good songs and people having some fun.”

You can find them on Facebook and Twitter and the whole event will be streamed on Youtube at Demon TV.

Demon sign-up night stunning success

by Alex Leadbitter

De Montfort University’s (DMU) Demon Media team held a sign-up event last Thursday for the university’s 2018 freshers, and welcomed over 400 new faces.

The event gave the chance for the established members of Demon Media, producers and contributors to introduce themselves to their potential future colleagues.

Jake Baugh, 20, a 3rd year Media Production student at DMU, has been a producer for the university’s radio station, DemonFM, and this year has become Head of Design for Demon after rising up through the team during his time at DMU.

He said: “We had a very good turn-out this year.

“Our welcome meeting gave us the chance to properly introduce our team.”

The event came after members of Demon led another freshers’ week campaign to attract as many people as they could towards joining the award-winning student-led group.

In total, 470 new members signed up for The Demon – an increase on last year’s intake.

Mr Baugh said: “Everyone who came seemed really enthusiastic about getting involved so it looks like we’re on the way to getting a fantastic group of new members.”

With such a strong turnout, expectations are high this year at Demon.

“This year is set to be one of Demon’s strongest yet. We’ve got a really strong base of members who’ve been Demons their whole time at DMU so we have a great foundation to train up new memb43534359_1104404243075256_8397681131297701888_ners and make some excellent content,” added Mr Baugh.

For those who were unable to attend the sign up event and have not been informed of what Demon has to offer, Mr Baugh explained what there is to get involved with if you join.

He said: “DemonFM is our radio station that broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For students it’s a chance to get involved in a FM licensed station, either on the mic or in the tech side of things.

“DemonTV creates content for our YouTube channel, and once again students can get involved anywhere, be it writing, presenting, acting, filming or editing.

“The Demon is our monthly magazine and is once again 100% student-run, and you can get involved either in writing, editing or designing.”

To sign up for DemonFM, DemonTV or The Demon, contact Jacob Graham (Manager@demonfm.co.uk), Ashton Matthews (Manager@demontv.net) or Nathaniel Corns (Nathanielcorns@demonmedia.co.uk).