‘Poetry Hour’ DemonFM host invites others to write and be inspired by her guests

by Kas Ellis

A first year De Montfort University student has launched a ‘Poetry Hour’ on the DemonFM radio station.

Abi Willock reading her own creative pieces

Abi Willock, a creative writing and journalism student, started the radio show to celebrate and embrace poetry from other students every other Tuesday at 10am.

With her background in writing, she wants to let others know just how cathartic poetry can be, and how a personal touch can help with your work.

“You can put things on paper you can’t say out loud,” Abi said. “Write for yourself before you write for other people.”

The show starts out with Abi introducing herself and her guest before having a chat, reading out the guest’s poetry and discussing the work.

Abi believes that with hearing the poetry that she has had featured, she has gained inspiration, and that others might do too.

She mentioned that her course helps with finding qualified guests, and makes for an easy time talking with guests, saying that the experience is ‘absolutely great.’

If you are interested in being a guest on Abi Willock’s Poetry Hour, you can email her about it at abiwillock@icloud.com.