Budding newshounds urged to sign up for new ‘Demon News’ strand at DMU’s award winning media group

By Zach Saunders

De Montfort University’s award-winning student media group, Demon Media, will be offering new opportunities to students after it unveiled its new project ‘Demon News’.

It has started advertising for the role of Deputy Director of News and plans soon to be recruiting other students to other positions within the News strand.

The creation of the new strand ‘Demon News’ will accompany the current strands of Demon FM, Demon TV and The Demon Magazine.

Join us: Demon Media is seeking recruits to join its new News strand.

The team at Demon Media hope that the creation of a dedicated central news team will allow them to improve both the quantity and quality of content they produce.

They aim to provide a better experience for their student members and to be a source of information,as well as entertainment for DMU students.

Lawrence Robertson, Demon Media Chair, said: “Demon Media offers students the chance to gain media experience, from hosting their own radio show to seeing their articles in print, to finding out what it feels like to be a TV presenter or producer. Most importantly, there is the chance to meet other likeminded students along the way!”

The opportunity to apply for the role of Deputy Director of News is open until the deadline this Friday (DEC11) at midday. Interested students can find details on the role and the application by following the threads in this tweet.

After a successful applicant has been chosen for deputy, the gates will open for many more role opportunities such as news assistants, editors, producers and more. 

“Demon News will enhance this experience by providing a hub for all journalism experience for all students who would like to join,” said Lawrence.

Membership of Demon Media costs £8, which lasts the whole academic year and entitles students to many fantastic opportunities, including membership to all four strands of Demon Media and the ability to get involved in any projects, from filming a TV show, to designing a magazine column, to producing their dream radio show.

If DMU students are interested in joining Demon Media or simply wish to find out more, they can email hello@demon-media.co.uk for more details.

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