Hypocrisy and neglect: The government’s handling of student COVID-19 testing

Samuel Hornsby gives his opinion on the contradictions of university student coronavirus policy.

Gyms to reopen brings joy to students

Gyms are set to reopen on April 12 in England, in the Prime Minister’s roadmap to lead the nation out of the coronavirus lockdown.

DMU practical students fear being forgotten during lockdown

De Montfort University students studying practical courses fear their degrees will be rendered worthless after lockdown has stopped them from completing their work.

On the way up! Petrol prices on the rise during UK lockdown

Petrol prices are back on the rise, after a 4p increase since last month – but Leicester has stayed below national levels.

YouTube content creator struggles to create regular videos due to pandemic

A gaming content creator on YouTube specialising in Pokémon has struggled recently due to the pandemic and the effects it has had upon his mental health.