YouTube content creator struggles to create regular videos due to pandemic

By Kira Gibson

A gaming content creator on YouTube specialising in Pokémon has struggled recently due to the pandemic and the effects it has had upon his mental health. 

The YouTuber (going by the name The Breph) hit a hard patch of posting on the platform after the coronavirus pandemic started. 

The Breph’s YouTube logo, Designed by The Breph.

The Breph was ready to hang up his YouTubing hat and stop posting for good, until he recently realised that doing a live stream and interacting with his viewers was more worthwhile than making regular short videos. 

The Breph said: “With people having more free time, whether they mean well or not they do put a lot of pressure on one’s shoulders to create timely content to the standard expected.

“The pandemic has hit me hard in the motivation department, but I’m focusing more on live streaming and live interaction with people – I think that benefits us all more than a short video will!”

Creating the channel to help with his mental health in 2019, the channel shortly picked up and the creator ended up with nearly 3,000 subscribers after just over a year. 

He learnt about emulating games onto his computer and found ways to interact and become a better fan in the Pokémon community; something which has proven to be effective in achieving the goals he has set out for himself. 

However, the pandemic knocked his motivation levels to a low, and he wasn’t sure if he should continue the channel. 

Unfortunately, The Breph isn’t the only YouTuber that has felt the wrath of the Covid-19 pandemic on their videos. 

Several sports YouTubers have had their content reduced to make way for the reduced sports matches available during the UK lockdowns.  

The impact that the virus is having on content creators is hit-and-miss. Some content creators have thrived in the extra time and others have shied away from the spotlight.