On the way up! Petrol prices on the rise during UK lockdown

by Abigail Beresford

Petrol prices are back on the rise, after a 4p increase since last month – but Leicester has stayed below national levels.

Petrol prices were recorded at 117.32p per litre during January 2021 but have since increased in the early weeks of February reaching 121.32p per litre.

However, petrol prices in Leicester have fallen below the national price levels, averaging at 119.6p per litre, according to Petrol Map.

The increase in petrol prices aims to discourage people from travelling long distances, in keeping with the current national restrictions that are in place.

During the first national lockdown last year, prices of petrol were recorded as low as 106.69p per litre, according to the RAC Foundation.

In comparison with the current average price, there has been as increase of 14.63p, with the last record on February 12, 2021 with 121.32p per litre.

“I rarely use my car at the moment,” said Alex Garner-Woodbury, 19 a second-year student at De Montfort University.

“I mainly use my car to get to-and-from Tesco for the weekly food shop, which is only up the road. I can’t travel back home to Wolverhampton, due to the restrictions so it’s the only run my car gets.”

Back on the open road, petrol prices back on the rise

The UK was put into its third national lockdown on January 4, with restrictions put in place expecting people to avoid travelling long distances and to stay at home, unless it is essential or if they are unable to work from home.

“It’s February, and this is the first time I’ve had to fill my car up since New Year,” added Alex.

“I used to fill my car up on a weekly basis, so it’s saving me money, but the prices of petrol are probably going to jump back up as soon as lockdown is eased”

The Prime Minister is expected to provide the nation with a road map out of the lockdown in the next coming days.

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