Live blog: Pair of students feed homeless during Ramadan

12.58pm – Jewish group prepares for first post-lockdown face-to-face celebration

The Leicester Progressive Jewish Congregation is planning its first face to face event in more than 15 months to celebrate Shavuot next month.

Luke Williamson finds out how important the easing of lockdown is for the group.

12.37pm – Family hope lockdown easing will see them celebrate ‘the Twelfth’ in Northern Ireland once more

The easing of lockdown restrictions has raised hopes for a Leicestershire family that they can once more travel to Northern Ireland to celebrate ‘the Twelfth’ this summer.

Abigail Beresford finds out how much this annual event means to Bradley McClean and his family.

12.31pm – Students pledge to feed homeless during Ramadan

Two students from De Montfort University have been feeding the homeless as part of their Ramadan commitments. Joshua Solomon reports on what inspired the pair.

12:20pm – Student describes her personal Ramadan journey.

A Business student has described her personal journey of fasting throughout Ramadan. Shantelle Gondo discovered how the month long celebration means more than just fasting.

11.55am – Call goes out for support for eco-friendly buses

People in Leicester are being urged to help name the new eco-friendly buses which will be serving passengers in the city and neighbouring areas soon. Kira Gibson reports.

10:49am – Party time! After being cancelled last year, Leicester’s Caribbean Carnival is back for 2021.

Here, Thomas Carter looks at what is in store for this year’s celebrations:

The city, however, will be marking St George’s Day this weekend with a series of online celebratory events.

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