Students feed the homeless in Leicester during Ramadan

By Joshua Solomon

Two De Montfort University students have been feeding the homeless from the beginning of Ramadan. 

Students Abubakarr Kallon (21) and Jeptar Agyeang (20) decided to feed the homeless during the month of Ramadan, giving out water, sandwiches and a pamphlet about Islam. 

They said they have done this as part of them giving back during a holy period that is based on prayer, self-reflection and faithful intention. 

They decided to make it a priority to do something alongside fasting and praying. Abubakarr said “Usually I fast and pray but that is all about me, this year I wanted to help others in any little way I could.”

Unlike so many other people on social media who harass the homeless by making videos of them in order to gain peer acceptance, Abubakarr and Jeptar wanted to show that their intentions were pure which is why they do not record themselves doing their good deeds.

Abubakarr Kallon and Jeptar Agyeang

Jeptar said: “We don’t need to show everybody what we are doing because Allah see’s everything and our religion teaches us that we should not do anything for personal gain, it should come out of love.” 

Ramadan is a holy period in Islam that is a month of fasting and abstention from impurity. Those who take part in Ramadan fast and keep away from things of this world (to an extent) from when the sun rises (called Fajr) until the sun goes down. 

During this time, their days are full of prayer and becoming closer to Allah. The objective is to keep people grounded and by fasting, allow them to understand what others are going through. 

Both Abubakarr and Jeptar want to keep their help for the homeless going until at least May 12, which is the end of Ramadan.  

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